Community Development

Harvest of Grace International utilizes a Gospel-based community development strategy that helps local leaders effectively reach their communities with the hope of the Gospel, leading the way to abundant life in Christ.

This strategy is one of partnership, involving the local community in every aspect of its development in order to foster community ownership, which is vital to the success and long-term sustainability of any missionary endeavor.  Through Biblical teaching, training, and support, we act as a catalyst for the positive change that is so badly needed in poor communities.

Leadership Training

Harvest of Grace International conducts leadership training programs in indigenous communities, mobilizing leaders to transform their communities spiritually, physically, socially, and economically through the proclamation of the Gospel, discipleship, and community involvement.

Micro-enterprise Programs

We are making plans to provide training and resources to enable needy families to make a modest living.  Successful micro-enterprise programs are relevant to the particular culture and geographic area where they are conducted, and empower people to become independent from outside economic help.

Stay tuned for details!